Standard opaque

Priplak® Coteline

From 800 to 1500 microns
With it’s bold, ribbed texture, Priplak® Coteline can be used to great effect. It will stand out from the crowd and demand attention. Successfully used in many stationery and presentation applications. Also ideal for invitations and office products.

valisette resitante
notice resistance

Priplak® iZiLyss

From 280 to 1600 microns
For a similar finish on both sides, Priplak® izilyss offers two ‘smooth’ print surfaces. (Due to the embossing process the reverse side will, depending on thickness, be slightly shiny.) For two sided printing where showthrough needs to be reduced, we suggest Priplak® izilyss Opaque, which has the same finish as izilyss, but an improved opacity.

Priplak® Classic

From 300 to 2000 microns
The original emboss, and still our most popular finish. With it’s ‘smooth’ matt top side and ‘toothy’ textured pearl underneath, Priplak® Classic provides the opportunity for high quality print, and image protection.

jeu mobile enfant

Priplak® Silkyss

From 350 to 1200 microns
Glossy on one side, with a matt reverse, Priplak® Silkyss gives designers many possibilities for creating striking images. This finish is widely used in the labelling market where strong glossy pictures are backed up with informative text.