ISO 14001

Certification for ISO14001

Priplak achieved ISO14001, early in 2010, and along with the CO2 reduction plan, these two programmes will ensure a further reduction in our environmental impact. This framework will enable Priplak to identify and manage further projects designed to improve consumption of water, electricity and to reduce raw material wastage.

The nature of the material, coupled with our innovative approach and environmental certifications, mean that Priplak is one of the most ecologically sound plastic substrates available.

Priplak iso-14001

PRIPLAK® R100 conforms to ISO14021

Priplak’s R100 range of totally recycled PP, now conforms to ISO14021.

Priplak guarantee that it uses only post industrialised, recycled waste in the production of R100, so that once the material has been used, it ends up back where it started. Customers can now use the Mobius ring logo with our R100 product.

100 Mobius