Priplak is an ideal material for packaging.

Strong, light and flexible, it provides a secure and modern way to ensure your products stand out from crowded shelves. Designers love our material – and are often able to use the properties of Priplak to provide eye catching, low cost solutions. Indeed Priplak can offer savings of 35% compared with many traditional plastics such as PVC and PET.


Food industry

Wines and Spirits – Food sleaves – Confectionery

Priplak® it has been widely used to wrap and promote new and exciting ranges of ready meals. Priplak can be produced with low temperature and anti mist additives.

PRIPLAK® and contact with food

Commission regulation (EU) N° 10/2011

Generally speaking Priplak® complies with the requirements of Regulation N°10/2011 of 14th January 2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food and its amendments. This regulation is a specific measure of Regulation (EC) N°1935/2004.


Nota bene : This compliance can not be extended to finished product. Indeed, when legislation specifies maximum migration levels, these must always be checked on the finished product using the recognized test methods of the country concerned. This is under the responsibility of the converter. This latter has to respect and proceed to overall migrations tests on the final material or article, which determine the regulatory suitability for contact with different food types (fat/oil, alcoholic,…) and various end-use conditions (thickness, contact time of packaging, temperature of use,…), which are beyond control of Priplak.

Healthcare – Beauty

Pharmaceuticals -Toiletries – Accessories – Jewellery
Versatility in design, and the ease with which Priplak can be converted have helped establish it as a major force in packaging. Foil blocking, gluing and exotic print techniques, combined with innovative design mean that Priplak can often take weight out of packaging solutions.

boitage résistant transparent

Industrial packaging

Slip sheets, automotive.
Recycled Priplak offers an ideal and ‘green’ solution to transit packaging and wooden pallet replacement.

Leisure and Multimedia

CDs – DVDs – Games, toys – Phones – Photography – Stationery accessories – Fine Arts, gifts Priplak is a flexible and versatile substrate and offers almost unlimited design potential. Reduce the weight of your packs with Priplak – and save up to 35% compared with PET and PVC.

Packaging for luxury items

Perfumes – Cosmetics – Wines and Spirits – Champagne – Lingerie.
Texture combined with a range of metallic and iridescent colours ensures Priplak is used to package many high end products.

Textiles – Clothing industry

Underwear – Hoisery – Accessories – Lingerie – Shoes. Traditional cardboard packs of underwear can not offer the strength and shelf security of Priplak. Nor do they create the same visual excitement and tactile appeal that Priplak provides. Save weight and reduce total costs with Priplak. (when waste and items that have to be sent away for repacking are taken into account Priplak can provide a net reduction in packaging costs.)

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