Priplak® Karat One Side

500 & 800 microns
High levels of gloss, and a surface that really shines, makes Priplak® Karat the material of choice for packaging high end products and brands. Priplak® Karat is also terrific when used as a promotional pack or wallet for valued clients, as well as for seasonal POS. Explore this new range – and ask your local distributor for one of our stunning sample pillow packs.

Priplak Karat is available in Gold, Silver & Nacre

karat pochette

Priplak® Stardust

500 & 800 microns
Catch the sparkling reflection from thousands of tiny particles that help define Priplak Stardust as one of our most popular special grades. Adds a new and subtle dimension to stationery, presentation products, packaging or POS. A versatile performer that is as classy as it is understated.