Priplak and the environment

An environmentally sound plastic Polypropylene offers many advantages due to its composition. It is a polyolefin, and doesn’t contain any halogens, or Chlorine. It is also free from any plastifiers, such as phtalates, which are often used in the production of PVC. After finishing with a product made from Priplak, the material can be recycled, or burnt, without any risk of toxic substances harming the environment or people’s health.


A recyclable product and a recycled range

During its lifecycle, one of the key features of polypropylene is its ability to be recycled many times without any significant change in its physical properties. Priplak has also embarked on an ambitious scheme to collect some of the waste from larger customers. Together with its physical characteristics this has enabled Priplak to develop a certified range of 100% recycled polypropylene.