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Priplak are partners in The Stopover installation at the château d’Angers.

The installation will be connected to the gardens of the château d’Angers from 2nd June until 8th September 2017 as part of the Loire Valley Gardens season 2017.

Pascal Proust is a visual artist who sculpted a flock of five hundred white birds from polypropylene, using Priplak classic white 050 in 500 microns.


Our colour swatch

More than 200 colors and we create your custom colors.


feuilles couleurs polypropylène

PRIPLAK® is not only the name of our company, it’s also the product we have been manufacturing and selling worldwide, since 1973.
he brand is now so well known that PRIPLAK® has become the generic term for polypropylene sheets.


The product PRIPLAK® is a strong yet flexible plastic sheet, ideal for communication and display products, packaging and stationery. It can be converted in many ways, and is loved by designers and specifiers because of its fresh, modern appearance.


Find examples made by our customers in Priplak sheets.

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Illuminated sign

priplak stop rayon

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